It all started on Instagram, then it moved to Facebook, and suddenly friends, family and complete strangers were demanding “When can we get our watches?”
At first we set our sights on crowdfunding – but it just made more sense to put  our savings on the line and launch this thing ourselves. That gives us the freedom to grow at a pace we can sustain.
So with a LOT of hard work and a nervous breakdown or two, we are proud to bring you three beautiful waterproof watches, inspired by the Aussie landscape  and lifestyle.
We’ve set a big, ambitious goal for ourselves – if we sell enough of our first set of watches, we’re raising a purchase order for a fourth watch design. Can’t say too much at this stage…. But it’s a real thing of beauty.
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Watch detail future 600 x 900


As a designer for brands like Dyson and ResMed, and an expert in  bringing products from the sketchbook to manufacture to market, Hadley’s all about paring back and keeping things simple.
Enter mechanical engineer, silicon valley startup veteran, Stanford  grad and starry-eyed new Australian Priyanshu. “I’m in love with this country,” Priyanshu told him, with disarming sincerity.  “It’s ridiculously beautiful. I want to launch a design startup inspired by the place.” From there, it all just clicked. Antipodean Designs was born.
First off the rank are a set of simple, beautiful watches that are easy to read, keep  accurate time and look great with everything – at work, at play, and when you’re all spruced up for a big night out.